How to take Venus Transit Or Sunspot photographs by simple digital camera ?

Without Telescope.....................!!!!!

Prasanna Deshmukh

Updated : 5 June 2012


Here is the simple way to take good photographs of Venus transit with your digital camera.


Step1: Take any good solar filter or solar eclipse goggle, etc. Its silvered area should be as big as possible to cover your camera aperture.


Step 2: Make some arrangement to fit filter in front of camera. Don’t make it to fit permanently. ( or you can just hold it with hands).


Step3: Use the full optical zoom of your camera before taking photos. (Don’t use digital zoom if you don’t have camera stand)


Step 4: If your camera supports Manual (M) mode. Then keep it on ‘M’ Mode and increase the Shutter speed such that you see clear, undistorted image of sun.( For example: I found 1/125 as perfect fit for my camera). If  M mode is not there , use AUTO mode.


Step 5: If you get little blur images its because of Solar Filter. Don’t worry you can remove most of the noise afterwards.



1) Don’t let your camera exposed to sun without solar filter. ( Do this at your own risk).

2) Dot fit solar filter in front of you camera permanently. Because after some idle time camera automatically shut down so it may harm the lens, etc. (Put solar filter gently or just hold it with hands).


Here are some things I did using Canox SX150is & a solar filter(Silver coloured also known as Mylar filter):