Comet ISON


Altitude Finder (Clinometer):

Clinometer which can be used for locating comet in the morning sky. Click here to download Clinometer.

A clinometer is a device that measures the angle of elevation, which is commonly used in trigonometry. Astrolabes are clinometers that were used for navigation and locating astronomical objects. This device can be used to find the altitude of any star in the sky or the find star with its known altitude. Also it can be used to find the latitude of observer on the Earth. Following are the simple steps to make a altitude finder.


Things you’ll need: Some string, a coin or similar weight, Scissors, Glue, Adhesive tape.


  1. Cut along the dashed line and separate the clinometers shape (Click here to download Clinometer.).
  2. Carefully punch a hole at the centre point of the protractor. Make sure the hole is just large enough to pass your piece of string through - the larger the hole, the less accurate the readings!
  3. Now fold along the line that attaches the rectangle shape to the protractor, creating a hinge.
  4. Apply some glue to the gray marked area and roll the rectangle to form your scope.
  5. Apply some adhesive tape to the scope hinge to add strength.
  6. Cut off about a foot length of string and thread it through the hole you created earlier. Now take the length you passed through and tie some knots in it so it is held in place and can’t pass back through the hole.
  7. Take a coin or another weighted object and stick it with adhesive tape, to the other side of the string creating a plumb-line.
  8. Look at the star through scope and note the angle made by string on clinometers. This angle is the altitude of that star at that time.


This clinometer can be used for locating upcoming comet ISON in November 2013. For which Azimuth and Altitude angle of the comet on particular day and time will be required.  Further details about Azimuth and Altitude angle will be provided soon.

Click here to download Clinometer.