Recent Publication:

08/02/2018 00:06
Recent Publication: Recent Publication: Deshmukh, Prasanna, , et al. "Primary Mirror Active Control Simulation of Prototype Segmented Mirror Telescope." 2017 Indian Control Conferenc...

Best Poster Award in ASI 2015

20/02/2015 11:43
Received the Best Poster Award for the year 2015 in Astronomical Society of India Meeting 2015 in Instrumentation category : For the poster “Dynamic loading...

Poster on LELIO @ Pro-Am 3

21/10/2013 22:09
On 25-26th October 2013 Ill be presenting LELIO project poster at 3rd Professional-Amateur Meeting in Astronomy (Pro-Am 3)   which will be held during Oct 26-27, 2013 at Homi Bhabha...

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 18-19 October 2013

17/10/2013 19:08
The last lunar eclipse of the year is a relatively deep penumbral eclipse with a magnitude of 0.7649. It should be easily visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading in the southern half of the Moon....

My article on 'Comet ISON' DIY activity in Bangalore Mirror

28/08/2013 11:23
My article on 'Comet ISON' DIY activity in Bangalore Mirror ...   Thanks to Tapasya Mitra (Reporter, Bangalore Mirror) for compiling it.        Click Here:...
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My Blog

Hair-crested Drongo

14/02/2017 19:20
Here is the first fruitful outcome of my birding adventure... In my recent visit to VBO Kavalur...

“The Essence of a Friend”

29/12/2016 11:11
"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." -- Henry David Thoreau Have you...

Auguries of Innocence.... William Blake

25/12/2012 11:16
To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm...

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 28 Nov 2012

25/11/2012 11:46
          The last lunar eclipse of 2012 is a deep...

Jaya Hey - Victory for ever to YOU...!!!

01/09/2012 16:35
You The ruler of our minds, Our nation; For you Our humble salutations. You the custodian of so...
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