Hair-crested Drongo

14/02/2017 19:20

Here is the first fruitful outcome of my birding adventure...

In my recent visit to VBO Kavalur I sighted a pair of Hair-crested Drongo. (a rare bird species in TN, India sighted after 1993).

The last and only known sighting of this bird in this region (TN State SE part of India) according to eBird, was back in 1993 near (Jamunamarathur Amirthi Forest). 
My recent sighting on 4th Feb 2017 from Kavalur, just got confirmed on eBird (of course with the photographic evidence).

Immediately after my observation, another sighting is reported by another observer near Salem, IN-TN on 9th Feb 2017.

Thanks to: Mayuresh SarpotdarJoice Mathew