VLF-NRR: VLF Natural Radio Receiver


Title: VLF Natural Radio Receiver


Year: 2009.


Description: A project as a part of Third Year Engg. project work at PVPIT. As our eyes are only sensitive to a very narrow range of EM spectrum. There are large parts of the EM spectrum that we cannot see. If we could see at very low radio frequencies, called VLF, we would be dazzled by EM emissions such as Sfrics, Tweeks, Whistlers, Chorus, and many others. These are natural radio waves or emissions coming from such common phenomena as lightning. There are also VLF emissions that reach the ground that come from outer space. VLF radio emissions are at such low frequencies that they can be received, amplified and turned into sound that we can here. That’s what we did in our project VLF Natural Radio Receiver.