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Article on me in Newspaper "PunyaNagar"

06/03/2013 00:01
Below is the article published in the Marathi Newspaper "Punya-Nagari" It basically explains about my Journey until now, my ongoing work and future plans....   SANGLI Edition: PUNE Edition:   Online Edition from Archives of...

Auguries of Innocence.... William Blake

25/12/2012 11:16
To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. A robin redbreast in a cage Puts all heaven in a rage. A dove-house fill'd with doves and pigeons Shudders hell thro' all its regions. A dog starv'd at...

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 28 Nov 2012

25/11/2012 11:46
          The last lunar eclipse of 2012 is a deep penumbral eclipse with a magnitude of 0.9155 ( For comparison full moon has magnitude of -13 which can be seen at the end of this eclipse). It should be easily visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading...

Upcoming Update in October 2012

14/10/2012 10:49
Upcoming Update: 1) New Main Page:  My Hobbys... 2) New link in Beyond IYA page:  Important Astronomy Liks for all... 3) Blog article: Life at Kavalur Observatory... 4) Update of  Page: My Astrophotography.... 5) Update of  Page: Photogallery.... 6) New Main Page:...

Upcoming Astronomy Events....

16/09/2012 18:05
Click Below:   22 September 2012: International Observe the Moon Night!   5-19 October 2012: Great World Wide Star Count 2102   November 2013: Brightest Comet is coming soon...

Jaya Hey - Victory for ever to YOU...!!!

01/09/2012 16:35
You The ruler of our minds, Our nation; For you Our humble salutations. You the custodian of so many; You the guardian of India's destiny. Through Punjab & Sindh, Gujrat & Maratha; Dravida, Utkala & Bengal; across lofty cress & mellow leas of Vindhyas & Himalayas; Your...

Seminar on 'Venus Transit 2012' on 5 June 2012

05/06/2012 10:33
I will be giving Seminar on 'Venus Transit 2012' on 5 June 2012. Organized by: SPIE & OSA Student Chapter, Calcutta University. Venue: Applied Physics Seminar Hall, Calcutta Univesity. Time: 4 PM   Poster:


04/06/2012 00:00
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Seminar on 'Venus Transit 2012' on 3 June 2012

03/06/2012 15:25
I will be giving Seminar on 'Venus Transit 2012' on 3 June 2012. Organized by: Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha Venue: Jamuna Bhavan, Bonhoogli, Kolkata. Time: 6 PM ;

Venus Transit program

31/05/2012 02:31
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